February 24, 2009

No Pictures :(

The next Tiny Treasures Exchange is a biscornu exchange, and since I've never made one before I thought I better give it a go before I have to send one away. I did and I'm so happy with it!!! Now I'm not afraid to make one and send it off to a new home. I'd post a picture but....

I cannot find my camera. It's driving us crazy & we've been searching for it high and low for the last week. I'm getting ready for the BoInk SAL starting this weekend where we're supposed to post weekly progress pics.... Oh well, as soon as we give up and go buy a new one I'm sure it will show up. That's the way it always works!

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drea_dear said...

Cole - of course you lose your camera right before you begin a SAL and an exchange!

I'm a problem-solver, so here are my ideas:

1. Cell phone pictures. Yes, they're not the best, but you can e-mail them to yourself from your phone and at least you have one.

2. Hone your description skills!

3. Find a friend with a scanner who will let you come over once a week, scan your projects, and e-mail them to you. If you lived in Idaho, I'd do it for you.

4. Make a celebration post when you find it, by taking pictures of everything you missed while it was missing.

Glad to have you as an excited SAL member, even if you're not able to post pics!