March 9, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 2

And then there was color!

I am so happy with the colors I chose. I'm normally a play by the rules kinda girl and it was definitely a challenge for me to have to pick my own colors. I "hmmmm'd" and "hawwed" for days, and drove poor DH up the wall, but in the end I'm excited about the result :)

It was wonderful to have a productive stitching day. I was so sick this week and every time I tried to pick up a piece, I've ended up tearing it all out later on! My poor biscornu for the Tiny Treasures Exchange has been frogged twice already!! So frustrating, but that's what I get for trying to concentrate when I can barely hold my head up.

1 comment:

drea_dear said...

It looks really good. I know what you mean about stitching while sick. It seems like it should be a nice, relaxing thing to do, but not if your sinuses are squeezing your eyes. Hope you're feeling better.