June 4, 2009

BoInk Update & A Question...

I love watching this grow with each little x! Oooh, I love this piece! And thank you for the lovely comments on it, I'm so glad everyone likes the colors I've chosen. Choosing them really stressed me out!

BoInk SAL - Week 14

A couple of weeks ago we hit the thrift store & I found the book America's Best Cross Stitch in next to perfect condition for $3 (gotta love it!). I fell for the alphabet in the book and decided to start it for a friend who's family is expanding this summer. Here's the progress:

I've decided to make these into little blocks with a bell in the middle. Problem is, the alphabet has 26 letters and I can't divide that evenly by the six sides for each block. So I was thinking of mixing up some numbers in there as well. Does anyone know of a good pattern for numbers that would go well with the style of these letters? The squares are letters are 22x22 stitches and I've made the squares 30x30. Your ideas are appreciated, thank you!

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Stef said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate your comment! I love your BoInk and the colors that you are using, very nice! And what a great idea for the blocks - perfect baby gift!