June 12, 2009

Is it in the genes??

A little story to share :)

A couple of months ago I stitched up the cutest little ornament...

Plant Kindness from Cross Stitch Happy
Chart available here

After seeing that ornament, my 9 year old daughter said to me, "Mom that's so pretty, can you teach me to stitch?", to which I replied "Absolutely!".

And here's her finish (and besides mom's direction, and attaching the ribbon, it truly is her own finish!)....

Individual flowers taken from Plant Kindness chart

She's planning on giving her ornament to her teacher for a year end gift.

After seeing this, my 14 year old daughter decided that she needed to do her year end project for dance in cross stitch. She ended up stitching this bookmark:

Dance bookmark
Alphabet from Better Homes and Gardens
Cross Stitch for All Seasons 2003

Isn't it great??? And the best part is, now I have others to help share the blame when more stash follows me home!! hehehe

Busy weekend again, we have spring registration for hockey and I'll be spending the day there tomorrow, as well as two bbq's. Love summer!


Cindy F. said...

Congrats Cole and dd!! 2 beautifully finished ornies and a gorgeous bookmark!! DD is as talented as a 30 year stitcher:)

Lynn said...

Great job girls! Definitely in the genes, even if Gramma hasn't done any stitching lately!

Love you all!