August 13, 2009

No Work = Progress!

Wow, it's amazing what a person can accomplish when there's no work to eat up your time! House cleaning, blog updates and my favorite - lots of stitching time!

This is one of my favorite little pieces I've worked on in a little while. I saw a blog posting a little bit ago (but can't remember where, sorry!) that mentioned switching up the floss for the leaves to some autumn colors and how spooky this tree would look for a Halloween piece. What a great idea!

Four Fat Friends
freebie chart from The Drawn Thread

And the latest on the alphabet blocks...

I'm actually almost finished with the ABC's, working on "Y" at the moment. Then I'll be working away on the last 12 squares for the top and bottom of each block, ending up with six blocks total. I'm just furiously trying to figure out what will be on them!!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing my journey with me!


Lisa said...

Hi Cole,
From one hockey mom to another...thank you for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I have come here for a visit and glad I did, for I love the Four Fat Friends finish. I will definitely bookmark and visit again. Have a great day!
Lisa in CA (USA)

Myra said...

I really like that Four Fat Friends piece. I could see it done in autumn colors too and maybe changing the birds to blackbirds and a couple of pumpkins. :o)

Nita said...

Four Fat Friends is from the freebies at
The Drawn Thread. How do I know? - it's in my stash of things to do on that magical "someday"!
Lovely stitching on yours - makes me want to pull mine out and try it as a "Four Seasons" piece.