September 26, 2009

I just realized that I didn't post my TUSAL update. We took the picture last Friday, but I never got around to posting it :)

There's a lot of black added to the mix this month, working on my Halloween exchange and a new piece too.

No BoInk update this week, I just worked on the frame for an hour or so, not really enough to share :)

But I thought I would share a picture of my WIP that's been hanging around the longest. I started it in July 2008 when we drove through the US and have worked on it off and on since. It's not the most exciting piece to work on, since it's so repetitive, but I can't wait to have it finished and let the kids use it. And the little playing pieces are stitched too. I might be crazy, but can't wait for the kids to fight over who's going to be the ladybugs and who will be the bees :)

Now I think I'm going to cozy up on the couch for awhile with my coffee & stitching... After three hours at the hockey rink already this morning, and a game tonight and back there tomorrow morning I think I've earned it!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Lisa said...

I have never seen the sunflower checkerboard before (who is the designer?). It is adorable, but I can see why it might be easy to start and easy to put down...but it looks like a good piece to take to the hockey rink :)
Hope the game went well. We had lots of practices over the weekend (DH does the weekend practices) and 2 games. The life of a hockey family.
Take care!
Lisa in California

Myra said...

That is one cute checkerboard Cole. The kids are going to love it. (I would too!)

Hazel said...

Wow that is gorgeous!! I have just taught my dd the game - over here we call it Drafts. I think it's the same though. x