October 28, 2009

TTE Needlebook Exchange from Amanda

Wow, I could get used to these nice treats in my mailbox every day!!

Yesterday brought my TTE Too Needlebook Exchange from Amanda. She did a wonderful job on this book, I instantly fell in love with it! Here's the front:

And the back:

And the whole exchange:

Amanda also made the sweet pins and scissor fob. Sad thing for me is that I don't even have a proper pair of embroidery scissors to put the fob on, but now I don't need to justify a pair anymore! I mean, I have to let the fob do it's job, right?

Thank you Amanda for such a great exchange!


Theresa said...

This is beautiful!!!! You are so spoiled recently~~~~ ;-)

amanda said...

happy to know you like everything I mailed you.I asked about your favourite designer so I was nearly sure you liked it

pat said...

is very beatiful!
brava Amanda

Myra said...

Lucky you! That is very pretty.