December 9, 2009

HoE Christmas Ornament Exchange

Yesterday's mail delivered both my outgoing and incoming Christmas Ornament Exchange.

had my name (lucky me!) and she stitched this gorgeous ornament for me.

Aubree tells me this was her first time trying this finishing style and she did a wonderful job! It's just beautiful. Thanks Aubree!! :)

Then I received a lovely email from Ina (no blog) letting me know she received the ornament I sent her.

Snowman Ornament
The Prairie Schooler
freebie found here

I was surprised how quickly this package made it all the way to The Netherlands, it only took one week! Ina, I hope you enjoy this little snowman, and maybe we'll meet up in an exchange again soon!

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Gorgeous ornies. I stiched that little snowman myself... no where did I put it... I need to finish it. :S x