December 29, 2009

The Internet - It Enables Me

You see, I thought I was so close to finishing my Christmas crafting.... and then I was blog-hopping and saw this. I'm surprised the hubby was able to hide the eye-rolling from me when I told him about this wonderful craft I saw and how I thought we should make these for our parents for Christmas. Oh, and did I tell you that my since parents are divorced, that means not one, or two, but three wreaths?!?!?!

So, the Saturday before Christmas I hauled out the glue gun & various other crafty paraphernalia and we went to town.

We pulled all the tops off the ornaments...

...and glued them back on. Thankfully we bought non-breakable ornaments, so the kids were able to help pull the tops off.

Then strung them on the wire and finished them off.

They were very simple and easy to make, but after all that... can you believe I forgot to take pictures of the final products??? Now that they've all been gifted, I'll have to go house hopping, and may not get proper pictures until next Christmas!!!

* * * * * *

We're now in Christmas tournament time around here. This year only my daughter is playing in a tournament and so far they've won both their games. Back at the rink tomorrow morning for Game #3!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!!


Theresa said...

Wow!! Such a great idea!! I'll have to try it next year!!!!

Meadows08 said...

I am SO making one of these wreaths! They are just gorgeous!

tkdquintmom said...

Great idea...and very pretty results. :)

Lynn B said...

What a lovely idea.

Happy New Year!