August 30, 2009

The Halfway Point...

Phew! I've managed to hit the halfway point with the alphabet blocks assembly. They've gone quicker than I figured they would, the trickiest part has been trying to stuff them equally! I really like how they're turning out. And the bonus is that I'll be able to spell the little fella's name when they're all done :)

And I figured I'd better get last Sunday's BoInk progress posted. Now I'm gonna sit down and pick it up again, hopefully finishing off this motif today.

We're starting shift back into the school year routine around here. School starts this Wednesday and hockey started this weekend. We spent almost 10 hours at the rink in the last two days, working with the teams and registering new players. It's been busy!

Have yourself a wonderful week!

August 22, 2009

SAL Updates & Alphabet Blocks....

Here we have the TUSAL progress for August..... and on the right day too!!

There's a lot of red in there from outlining all those little squares for the alphabet blocks!

And the latest progress on BoInk... I've been missing this piece, I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I've wanted to each Sunday lately. I'm hoping now that summer is winding down (unfortunately!) that I'll be able to put a little bit more time into it, even with hockey season starting! Besides, my Sunday night Desperate Housewives/stitch session will be starting again soon :)

And... I've finished stitching the ABC's!!! I'm almost done with the other 10 blocks as well, just working on the last one. I couldn't find any numbers that were the right size and that I liked, so I found some cute little bugs & sport motifs. What little boy doesn't like bugs, right???

Thank you for visiting!! :)

August 13, 2009

No Work = Progress!

Wow, it's amazing what a person can accomplish when there's no work to eat up your time! House cleaning, blog updates and my favorite - lots of stitching time!

This is one of my favorite little pieces I've worked on in a little while. I saw a blog posting a little bit ago (but can't remember where, sorry!) that mentioned switching up the floss for the leaves to some autumn colors and how spooky this tree would look for a Halloween piece. What a great idea!

Four Fat Friends
freebie chart from The Drawn Thread

And the latest on the alphabet blocks...

I'm actually almost finished with the ABC's, working on "Y" at the moment. Then I'll be working away on the last 12 squares for the top and bottom of each block, ending up with six blocks total. I'm just furiously trying to figure out what will be on them!!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing my journey with me!

August 11, 2009

M, N, O & P

And here is the latest instalment of alphabet blocks:

I realized after I finished the "P" block that I grabbed the wrong shade of blue, it was supposed to be a lighter color. So, parts of the penguin are a little hard to see. Oh well, I figured I'd be safe to leave it as is, the little fella will never notice anyways :)

Most of the family is out of the house for the evening, it's just my oldest daughter and me home tonight. We're going to settle down on the couch here shortly and watch the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance Canada in some peace and quiet. And trust me, that's a rare thing around here!

August 10, 2009

I, J, K & L

I've been plugging away on those ABC's... As always I'm running behind since the little fella was born last Thursday. But that's the story of my life and I've learned to roll with it!

I do have more done, so it's not as bad as it appears :) And since I'm off work for just about the rest of the month I should get lots accomplished! Yay!

August 8, 2009

BoInk SAL Update

Here's the most recent progress on BoInk:

Well, in order to tell you what week this is for the BoInk SAL I'd have to get out the calendar, I've totally lost track without stitching and updating every week. But this is how it looks like, ready for me to pick up again tomorrow. I've missed stitching this on a regular basis, hopefully my Sunday routine will kick back in during August :)