December 29, 2009

The Internet - It Enables Me

You see, I thought I was so close to finishing my Christmas crafting.... and then I was blog-hopping and saw this. I'm surprised the hubby was able to hide the eye-rolling from me when I told him about this wonderful craft I saw and how I thought we should make these for our parents for Christmas. Oh, and did I tell you that my since parents are divorced, that means not one, or two, but three wreaths?!?!?!

So, the Saturday before Christmas I hauled out the glue gun & various other crafty paraphernalia and we went to town.

We pulled all the tops off the ornaments...

...and glued them back on. Thankfully we bought non-breakable ornaments, so the kids were able to help pull the tops off.

Then strung them on the wire and finished them off.

They were very simple and easy to make, but after all that... can you believe I forgot to take pictures of the final products??? Now that they've all been gifted, I'll have to go house hopping, and may not get proper pictures until next Christmas!!!

* * * * * *

We're now in Christmas tournament time around here. This year only my daughter is playing in a tournament and so far they've won both their games. Back at the rink tomorrow morning for Game #3!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!!

December 18, 2009

Final 2009 TUSAL Update

Here is the final progress post for the TUSAL in 2009. If you're looking for a no-pressure SAL, then hurry over to Yoyo's blog, she is taking signups for 2010 here now.

I've decided to start a new container for the next year. I'm going to keep these orts for now, maybe I'll do something with them, or maybe they'll just hang around until next year is finished & I'll combine the two. In other words, I have no clue what I'm going to do, we'll just have to wait & see :)

Next update is on the next new moon - January 16th.

December 15, 2009

Tis the Season

The tree is finally up, the Nativity is out and tonight we spent the evening at the kids' Christmas concert.... Yes, the Christmas season is here!! Now I just need to find a way to increase the amount of hours in the next 10 days to get it all done and have time to enjoy it!

I thought I'd share with you the first piece of cross-stitch I ever owned. It's a Christmas ornament from my mom I received some time before I ever picked up a needle and thread. I believe she stitched it from a Christmas Cross-Stitch magazine from Better Homes & Gardens, I'm guessing from about 1990.

Thank you for stopping by my little space in the world, I hope you find the time to relax in the upcoming days and remember... Enjoy the season!!

December 9, 2009

HoE Christmas Ornament Exchange

Yesterday's mail delivered both my outgoing and incoming Christmas Ornament Exchange.

had my name (lucky me!) and she stitched this gorgeous ornament for me.

Aubree tells me this was her first time trying this finishing style and she did a wonderful job! It's just beautiful. Thanks Aubree!! :)

Then I received a lovely email from Ina (no blog) letting me know she received the ornament I sent her.

Snowman Ornament
The Prairie Schooler
freebie found here

I was surprised how quickly this package made it all the way to The Netherlands, it only took one week! Ina, I hope you enjoy this little snowman, and maybe we'll meet up in an exchange again soon!

December 5, 2009


A little while ago my little guy was flipping through my magazines and asked me to stitch up this little fella. Said he looked like Jack Frost. I've had him stitched for a little while now, but decided to finally finish-finish him last night.

Heartfelt Harvey
Imaginating, Inc.
2008 JCS Ornament Issue

It's not too terribly cold here yet (for December), but holy, has the snow ever come down!! Two days ago we barely had a dusting, and today the drive to the rink looked like this...

It's been a long, slow trip to get anywhere around here, but with a little patience we managed :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, thanks for stopping by!

December 1, 2009

It's Finished!

I finished my afghan tonight!! After two nights of weaving in all the ends, I'm one happy camper :)

Hmmmm, what's next??

Thank you for stopping by!