October 1, 2010

Paying it Back... or Forward!

I've been thinking about paying it back and decided that step one would be to Pay It Forward... Thanks to Kelrain, I was selected to be one of her participants and therefore can offer it to you!  So, in the spirit of a PIF, the rules:
  • Three participants (if there are more than three people looking to join in on the fun, I will draw three names next Friday October 8)
  • The three people selected must host a PIF of their own
  • I will send something handmade to the three participants sometime in the next 365 days ♥
So ~ is anybody game?

Psst...  did you see the 31 Days of Halloween giveaway hosted by Annette and Missy Ann???  Jump over to Annette's blog to enter today's drawing!


Meadows08 said...

I would like to enter your PIF! Gorgeous giveaway win on your previous post!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! 2.00 saturday afternoon where you are and 9am sunday morning here... just goes to show that time is a complete and utter illusion!

Casey said...

ooh, I am definitely game!