June 28, 2010

HoE ABC Exchange from Patti!

Today's mail brought my HoE ABC Exchange from Patti.  I was so excited to open up the package and see this little gem inside!

Patti stitched Carol R's Sew Easy and finished into this sweet pinkeep (my very first!) for me.  It's so sweet & tiny, I just love it!  Thanks so much Patti!!

I love seeing all these presents in my mailbox, it makes me want to bust out in song, lol!  Does anyone else hear these lyrics when they open the mailbox and see they've received some beauties from their friends??

Here's the mail, it never fails.
It makes me want to wag my tail.
When it comes I want to wail - Mail!

Or maybe I'm just crazy... LOL

Thanks for stopping by today!

Psst...  check out Patti's blog ~ she's having a secret giveaway for reaching 200 followers!  And while you're clicking on links, check out Carol's charts too...  she's one talented lady :)

June 24, 2010

TUSAL, BoInk Update and a Stash Enhancement!

I'm late, so very, very, late...  here is June's TUSAL update!

That's the proof that there's been stitching happening around here.  It doesn't feel like there's been that much, so it's nice to see the progress somewhere!

And I haven't posted a BoInk update since... February!!  Oops!  How is that even possible??  Not mentioning any names, but someone's been slacking!  I haven't been spending very much time on this piece, not near as much time as I'd like to anyways.  I've got to get moving though, I'm so far behind the other ladies. 

And because one can never have too much...

I can't decide which one's my favorite...  I think either Shores or Christmas.  Hmmm... better get some items crossed off the WIP list so I can start something new!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world :)

Psst...  have you seen this amazing little girl???

June 19, 2010

Stitchin' Santa Ornament

After I had posted about the Early Christmas Exchange I received from Ina, I had quite a few requests to see if Ina had sent the pattern info.  I had asked Ina for the info and she couldn't locate it at the moment.

Well, this week I received an email from a lady named Pam who had found it online...  so, I thought I'd share the link :)

Stitchin' Santa Ornament

There's some other cute Santa's that look like they'd be fun to stitch up too.  Thanks for sharing Pam!!

June 13, 2010

TTE Pincushion Exchange for Vivian

I saw on the TTE Too blog that Vivian (no blog) received the pincushion I stitched up for her. 

Summer is Just a Chirp Away
San-Man Originals ~ Newsletter Freebie
36 ct Edinburgh linen
recommended DMC

I backed the pincushion with the fabric shown.  This was the first time I backed a piece with printed fabric instead of whipstitching it with the same fabric used for the stitched piece.  Not as scary as I thought it would be!

This was the first exchange where I sent to someone in my own country... and would you believe it cost me the most to ship out of all the pieces I've sent out before?? I couldn't believe it! Next time I might have to go with courier instead of the post if I get a partner within Canada again :)

Now I'm off to finish up my next exchange piece, it's due in the mail this week.  Then maybe I'll get a little BoInk stitching in, I think it deserves a little attention today.

Thanks for stopping by!

June 12, 2010

TTE Pincushion Exchange from Liz

Last week's mail brought this sweet pincushion to my door from Liz (no blog).  Liz stitched one of the Stitching Devils from EMS (over one!) and finished it into this cute sunflower!

And a close up of her delicate over-one stitching :)

And Liz personalized the back too (again ~ all over one!):

Liz also included the fabric you see in the pic :)

I think my favorite part of these exchanges is being able to see everyone else's creativity up close!  I never would've thought of this type of finish on my own.  Very enabling inspiring!

Thank you Liz!!

{and we're back online ~ yay!}

June 11, 2010

And the winner is...

#28  Danielle!

Danielle, I'm going to shoot you off an email...  Please send me your address and I will get this in the mail to you next week!

BTW, I used a very scientific method...  I asked a co-worker for a number between 1 and 30 ~ 28 is what she said :)

Happy Friday!

June 9, 2010

*&@#% Computer!

My home computer crashed & died yesterday ~ again!  I'm tired of trying to fix it all the time, I've taken it to my IT fella twice in the last month or so and we're still having problems.  So we'll be looking for a new one & hopefully will find something this weekend.

Since I don't know if I'll be online this weekend, I will be drawing a name for my giveaway on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday.

Have a wonderful week!

June 5, 2010

A Little Bit of Summer

Last weekend, with all the snow & ice, I was seeking a little bit of summer and sunshine.  I knew just what I wanted, so I dug through the stash, found what I was looking for and whipped up this pretty little thing.

Hummingbird Scissor Fob

freebie pattern from Cross Stitch Happy

I've stitched this little fob once before and love it.  It's such a quick little stitch and so tiny and sweet.  Just like last time, I threw a penny inside for a little bit of weight.

And since my last post was #100, I decided I should share my little bit of summer with you!

If you would like this little bit of summer to bring some sunshine to your house, please leave a comment on this post.  I will draw a name from the entries next Saturday (June 12).

There are no other requirements to join.  If you would like to become a follower ~ please do, I would love to have you come back and visit again!  If you would like to mention this giveaway on your blog ~ please do, the more the merrier!  But neither of these are a requirement to enter, please just leave a comment.  Also, please make sure your email address is accessible to me.  If it is not linked to your blog, please be sure to leave it in your comment so I can contact you!

Now if you'll excuse me...  I think I'm going to go and stitch this little cutie one more time ~ maybe this time I'll keep it!  Happy Saturday!

{I was playing with the settings on my camera and I finally figured out how to get decent pictures of my stitching!  Yay!!}