July 27, 2010

For a Little Boy

Recently DH's cousin added a sweet little boy to her family.  The shower was organized quickly without a lot of notice (as can be the case quite often with our family, we're not the most organized sort!) and so I whipped up these washcloths to add to her shower gift.  I think she thought they were doilies for his dresser, but that's okay by me too :)

Sylvan Star Washcloth
Free pattern can be found on the Lion Brand website here
(you need to create an account to access the patterns)

I love this washcloth pattern.  I'm usually able to crochet this washcloth in under an hour, and you know I'm all about instant gratification :)

* * * * *

Thank you for all the feedback on the question regarding walnut shells in my last post.  There's some great suggestions in the comments, feel free to go have a look!  I think I have a clearer direction of what I need to look for now, so I'm going to try PetSmart again.  I am curious though...  looking at the locations of the various people that commented, it seems the Canadians are the ones who've had difficutlies finding the walnut shells.  I wonder if this is any indication as to the availability here???   Once I have another peek at the pet store I'll be sure to share whether I find them or not!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I love hearing from you and value your input into my projects, so thank you for your comments! I've been visiting blogs but have been a little slack on my commenting in the last little bit, but fingers crossed my work will ease a wee bit after this week and I'll have a little more energy to do so.  On the bright side, tomorrow is hump day ~ halfway to the weekend!  And it's a long weekend this weekend, yay!

July 24, 2010

A Question

I've been on the hunt for walnut shells.  I've heard that they can be found at the pet store... no luck.  Tried the craft store... no luck.  Now, I could go out and by the walnuts and crack them all open, but I think that would be very expensive, and time consuming :)  Can anyone point me in another direction??

But, while I was browsing through the pet store today (a new experience for me since we don't have any pets), I saw oyster shells.  I know birds use them to sharpen their beaks, but I think the shell pieces are really sharp too and wonder if it would wreck any fabric if it was used to stuff a pincushion.  Any thoughts? 

July 22, 2010


Oh my, my mojo seems to have disappeared this week.  Seriously, I've been spending more time looking at my stitching thinking "I should pick that up" than anything else!  It's been kinda depressing for me actually. 

Considering it's such a pathetic start, I'm probably safe to show my start on my next exchange piece...  and it's due in the mail next week!  This is all the stitching I've done in about the last week or so...

I'm guessing that I've just been way to distracted with a bunch of stuff that's been happening at the office lately, but it's weird as that's never seem to mattered for me before.  If anything I think I would normally stitch more as stitching seems to be an outlet or stress reliever for me.  If I'm sitting down, there's usually needle and thread in hand.  If I missed an evening of my stitchy time I'd get the shakes and go through withdrawals!

As you can see, I'm really missing my mojo....  If you find it, will you tell it that and send it back to me??

On the bright side, it's Friday tomorrow!  So thanks for stopping by and I hope you've been crossing more x's than I've been :)

July 12, 2010

An update.. of all sorts :)

It's been quiet here on the stitchy front lately...  We disappeared for a week and a bit for some camping and then to visit some friends of ours.  I packed a pile of stitching and took it with me, but didn't cross one single x!  Instead we've been enjoying the sunshine:

fresh air:

the water:

and meeting new friends:

And with that comes my pitiful TUSAL update for this month...

The only thing I've picked up lately has been BoInk.  The yellow and blue on top are from that, there's a little green and orange from the border in there too and that's just about all that's been added this month.   And here's where BoInk sits at as of tonight:

And now I'm stuck on this last motif I've been working on, I can't seem to make a decision.  The pattern has orange stitched in the middle and I can't decide if I like it or not (click here to see the design as charted).  I've been looking at this all night and it's driving me crazy!  I think I'm going to move on to the next motif and just mull it over some more.  Any opinions???  Here's a close up of this corner...

Thank you for stopping by today!

July 1, 2010

ABC Exchange for Suzanne

A couple of days ago I received a lovely email from Suzanne letting me know she received the HoE ABC Exchange I sent her. 

Four Winter Wishes "Friendship"
Blue Ribbon Designs
GoS December 2007
32ct Mushroom Laguna
recommended DMC

A pic containing the focus of this exchange:

I added our initials to the back:

And one more, just for fun :)

Suzanne and her girls have been hit with the flu this week ~ I hope you all are on the mend real soon Suzanne!  Feel better :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!  Happy Canada Day!!