September 29, 2010

Oh, Wow!

I don't normally have much luck, not much at all.  Lately though, that has not been the case.  Recently Lynn B hosted a beautiful giveaway and I won!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the posting that I had won, I think my heart skipped a beat.  This amazing package of handmade goodness arrived at my door last week after it's extremely fast five (five!) day trip around the world.

Lynn's work is amazing and her attention to detail is astounding.  Without a doubt, she is an artist!  Thank you so much Lynn ~ I do think of you every time I look at this little box of wonderful (which is often!).  And I think I may need to try my hand at making a wee box myself one of these days :)

And, since I've been such a lucky gal lately, I've vowed to myself that I cannot enter any more of those lovely blogland giveaways until I give something back.  So stay tuned...

September 9, 2010

Back in the Groove

We're back in the groove again...  for a lot of people September means getting back to school and settling into a routine.  For us, it seems to mean that out routine is shot and we spend a whole lot of time at the ice rink. 

But I don't complain too loudly, I love watching them play and it also ends up meaning extra hooky time for me :)

Yes, the Granny Stripe is the hockey project at the moment!  Remember last year's project?  This one will be finished soon, but I have the next one all lined up and ready to go!

There are people that like to tell me that needlework (either crochet or cross stitch) is for old ladies and accuse me of carrying my "granny bag" around.  It gets quite frustrating and I feel like yelling "IT'S NOT JUST FOR OLD LADIES!!".   So I was tickled pink to see PaisleyJade's new Flickr group "Craft Nerds Going Public!"  You can read all about her idea behind the group here.  Feel free to join us!

September 6, 2010

So Close!!

If everything goes like I want it to, there should be a happy dance by the weekend!!!

Have a great week!

September 2, 2010

One Last Summer Adventure!

A few posts back I shared some of the adventuring we did this summer.  That night we left on one last trip out...

The kids and I, along with my aunt & two cousins, went for a ride on a steam train.  It was a blast!  We wandered the train, complete with concession cars and a saloon, got held up by bandits and had an all around fun time!

Some quotes from the fellow above:
"Gabriel Dumont's my name and buffalo hunting is my game"
"I'm Gabe Dumont and I'm the law around these here parts"

And some more pics (photo credits to my girl)

See, I told you we were held up by bandits, and by gunpoint no less!!  They boarded the train, took all our loose change, and then tried to escape.  Mr. Dumont won the battle and retrieved our money.  They actually donate all the money collected during the robberies and donate them to the children's hospitals in Edmonton and Calgary.

It was about a 5 1/2 hour round trip, getting off in Big Valley for about 2 hours for dinner and wandering around town.  We went up the hill to see the beautiful blue church at the top and went through the little shops that sold things like home-made cinnamon buns and fudge, yum!

Hope you enjoyed our adventures, thanks for stopping by and sharing them with me :)