April 5, 2011

The ORT Report

Unfortunately, not much to report.  I think I'm lucky if I hit a whole hour worth of stitching time last month.  April's goal ~ beat March's stitching time!!!  LOL

I was hoping to post this yesterday, but we're having internet problems at home.  We were on the phone with tech support on Saturday because we were having a couple of issues and they tried to "fix" it.  Problem is, now it's way worse!  We can't log into Facebook, Blogger, Youtube, Netflix... grrrr.  Hopefully we'll get it resolved quickly, I'm going into Weeds withdrawals with no Netflix!!

K... gotta get back to work :)  Have a great week! 


Stitching Noni said...

Well done on getting some stitching done in March!

Isn't it a real pain when the internet isn't working - can't believe how much we rely on it these days!

Hope your stitching hours get longer for April...

Daffycat said...

Well, we are in the same boat aren't we? More ORTs for us next month!

Oh dear, I don't know what I'd do without Netflix. Oh, stitch more I guess. I'm "doing" The Tudors right now.

Dani - tkdchick said...

It sounds like a common theme in March I didn't get to stitch much either!

Jeanne said...

That was a lovely gift you did for Faye - congratulations on a great finish! Hope April is treating you better wiht more time to stitch.