February 11, 2011

Hair Massacure

Here is the story of a girl who is trying to make a difference in the world with her participation the 2011 Hair Massacure...

Jocelyn managed to raise $1,110 in donations leading up to the events today!  Thank you so much to everyone who supported her.

Jocelyn, we are so proud of you!!!  xxoo

February 1, 2011

TUSAL... and other stuff too :)

I figured I'd better get on here tonight and share my TUSAL with you all since I know I won't be able to post for the next couple of evenings.  Ahhh, hockey....

So, without further ado...

Do you see them?!  There's new threads in there...  it feels like it's been soooo long since there's been any kind of progress around here!  But this month I can see it! Yay!

I've been working on BoInk a wee bit.  I seem to have misplaced the extra threads I bought for this piece at the moment, so I haven't finished the red in the bottom centre block yet.  Well, to be totally honest, I haven't really looked either!  Tsk, tsk!

And I've spent a little time on my North Pole stocking too.  At the rate I'm going, my hubby can expect this for Christmas of, oh let's say, 2015??  I would love to get this done for this year, but realistically speaking, that probably won't happen.  But I guess we'll just wait & see, shall we?

And I've been working with a hook & yarn too.  I'm weaving in the ends on the granny square baby blanket you see below and then get to work on the border.  Pretty good timing, the little guy this is intended for isn't due to arrive until about March 5.  I think it will actually be done on time!  I think I can, I think I can...

I have more crochet finishes to share, I just am waiting to see daylight!  We were on the go sooo much last weekend, with 5 ice times in 3 days between the two kids and a pile of other stuff in between.  Hopefully I'll be sharing them here real soon :)

Thanks for stopping by my space today, Happy February!!