June 2, 2012

June Goals

I've been thinking about starting to make monthly goals for myself...  maybe that way I'll feel like I'm making more progress towards the things I want to get done instead of just dreaming about them. So, starting today, I'm challenging myself to set, and record progress of, monthly goals.  Let's see how that pans out, shall we?

The Goals:

~ finish ornament exchange & mail for June 15 deadline
~ stitch & finish an ornament for Christmas gifting
~ work on backstitching for hubby's stocking, chart his name
~ play with new software (I'll share more about this soon!)
~ make one project with duct tape
~ prepare next stitching project...


Very excited about this one, my first HAED!  This chart, and one other, are just a couple more items I bought for free(!) with PayPal cash redeemed from using Swagbucks and SuperPoints.  Love that!  I bought the fabric & threads needed last weekend, so now I need to get ready, winding floss, etc.  I've been thinking about gridding the fabric and I've never done that before... does anyone have any suggestions?  What ways have you tried?

I'd also like to start a new crochet project this month.  There was a pattern for a solar system mobile in last month's Crochet Today magazine which I'd like to do for Chance's first birthday.  Problem is that I've been having a lot of issues with my wrists & hands since last fall and haven't been able to do much, especially crochet.  The doctor was thinking it was carpel tunnel, but the neurologist ruled that out.  So now they're trying to figure out what's causing the pain & weakness through my wrists.  The good news is that while crochet's been really difficult & I've had to pretty much stop for now, cross-stitch hasn't been too bad.  Especially bigger pieces when the fabric is in a hoop.  Holding the fabric in hand is a little more difficult, but not impossible.

Well, I guess I better go & get started on them!  Have a wonderful weekend!!


Christina said...

I think gridding sounds like a great idea - I'm thinking of doing it on my BAP as I'm getting very frustrated having to consult the chart millions (!) of times. ;0) Your HAED is beautiful, the colours look really striking.

milly said...


Your Haed is beautiful, love the colours.
I'm a person who doesn't grid but having said that I've never tackled anything as big a HAED.

I hope you find help for your wrists soon.

Jan said...

I have three HAEDs going right now and I say grid. It really helps you keep track. I use a quilting washable pen and I mark every 10 by 10. I do enough for the page and one or two lines past it to get me started on the next page.

Cheryl said...

Ooh lovely! Ive never been brave enough to try a HAED. Will look forward to watching yours!

Chris said...

Hello Cole!
Your June goals look great. I hope that you finish the all :)
The new project is lovely and free charts are even better!

Parsley said...

The colors are LOVELY! You'll have a lot of fun with this one.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I've been setting monthly goals for years now (I kinda started the blog trend) and it really helps me keep in focus what I'd like to accomplish and what I have to accomplish.

The nice thing is there's no pressue if you don't accomplish them all!

I've learnt over time to keep things pretty simple that way you manage to achieve most of it.

lovestitch said...

Oh I love your monthly goals!!! I have never tried cross-stitch before (but embroidery), I must give it a try! For sure yours will come out gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pattern, I love those colors of thread!!
Happy weekend! x

Bonnie Brown said...

good luck with your goals this month!