October 30, 2012

We're Almost Ready!

It's really no secret that we like to play with duct tape around here!  We found some fun, new Halloween prints at Michael's a couple of weeks ago and couldn't help scooping it right up!

Pardon the phone pics, they're a combination of my Instagram feed and the fact that I was too lazy to find the camera...

Isn't the candy corn the cutest?

This year is Chance's first (real) Halloween, at 2 months old last year he didn't really get to participate :)  This past weekend we made him his own trick-or-treat bag that should be sturdy enough to use for a long time.  He loved playing with it, so much so that I couldn't take it away to get a picture!  And the funnest part?  It glows in the dark! 

Hopefully his mom can pry that bag out from his little fingers and get Gramma some decent pics, he wasn't letting go of it for anything!

And then we played with it a little bit more...  You may remember Jocelyn's costume from last year?  Well, here's a little sneak peek of this year's in progress...

Any ideas of what she's going to be?  Let's hear them!  I'll share our full creation after Halloween!


Chris said...

I can't wait to see this!! I have no idea.
Happy Hallowen!!

Denise said...

No idea, can't wait for you to show us!
Happy Holloween