December 26, 2013

Halloween Ornament Exchange for Jayne

**It seems that I drafted this post earlier this month and never hit publish!  I hope you had a very Merry Christmas with some holiday cheer & lots of memories made with your loved ones!  I'm hoping to post more regularly in the New Year, I always have the best of intentions and it seems like life just keeps getting in the way...  Anyways, Happy Holidays with lots of love from my home to yours.  May 2014 bring you your best year yet! xo 

I saw on the HoE blog that Jayne received the Halloween ornament I stitched for her.

Double Double by Lizzie*Kate
2013 JCS Halloween Special Issue
32ct Mushroom Lugana & recommended DMC

As soon as I  saw this pattern I knew it would be on my list of items to stitch quickly!  When the posting went up on the HoE board for a perpetual Halloween exchange I signed up without hesitation, with fingers crossed that my exchange partner would be a Lizzie*Kate fan.

I noticed when taking the pictures that I missed stitching the witches waistline!  Oh well, I still think it's a cute stitch, waistline completed or not ;o)

December 9, 2013

HoE Halloween Ornament Round #1 received from Linda

The mailman brought me a special treat today... or at least I think it was today!  I found this tucked in my front door (which we rarely use), so it might have been there sooner and went unnoticed!  We usually check the mail from outside when we take out the pup, so it was a surprise to find it between the doors.

Linda stitched me this cute ornament, which she said is a freebie from Cherry Hill Stitchery, stitched with recommended flosses.

I was going to show you the ornament I stitched as well, as I saw on the HoE blog that it was received, but I can't seem to load more than one picture today :(  Darn Blogger...

 I hope you're all managing to stay warm...  We had a cold, cold spell over the weekend, lows of around -40C! Brrrr!  I was thankful that I had last Thursday and Friday off of work, so didn't have to venture too far.  My mom braved the cold and came over to my house and we spent the two days baking up a storm for Christmas!  Mmmmm.... now if the treats will last until the big day we'll be all set! LOL

November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

This was the first time in a number of years that duct tape wasn't a part of our Halloween costume making.  It was also the first time in a long time that I couldn't convince at least one of my kidlets to create a costume themselves...  :(

It wasn't the case for me though!  In September, my girlfriend & I decided we were going to go as the same thing and planned out our costumes together...  We gathered up everything we needed and got to work.

It was my first experience with RIT Dye...

And it worked!  (please don't mind my dingy basement LOL)

Our costumes needed a hat with them, and we just couldn't make what we had work like we wanted it too.  So out came the crochet hook & some yarn.

Any ideas yet??  
Are you ready???
And here is our costume...  with the most awkward feeling "selfie" photo ever ;)


I found this crochet pattern on Ravelry and got right to work.  These were started the Friday before Halloween, and finished on the Tuesday, with one whole day to spare! 

I also love any little thing that can make holidays just that extra little bit special and memorable for the little ones in our lives.  So when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew I had to make these Halloween loot bags for Chance and all of our little nieces & nephews.

Aren't they fun??  I just love them!!  And they all loved the special treat they got when they came by to show Auntie their costumes :D

November 2, 2013

Runners Up Exchange ~ Sent & Received!

This week I received my latest exchange piece from the Hooked on Exchanging group ~ the Runner's Up Exchange.  We were to stitch either Just Nan, Little House Needleworks or Country Cottage Needleworks ornaments for our partners.

Here's the ornament I received from Linda

Linda stitched me Hometown Holiday - My House from LHN.  She did a beautiful job and I love the personalization she did!  Thank you Linda, this will look beautiful on my tree this year!

I received Karen's name this round and this is what I chose to stitch for her:

Little House Needleworks ~ Winter's Sampler
JCS 2009 Ornament Issue
32ct Edinburgh Linen & DMC

I hope you enjoy it Karen!

October 11, 2013

Farewell My Friend

Like so many of you I received an email from Katie yesterday with an update on our dear friend Cathey.

I am sad. Heartbroken. So many tears have fallen down my face as I think about our friend.  

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada. I think of Cathey's family and how difficult this is. My prayers are being directed their way in hope that they will find comfort in knowing Cathey is no longer in pain. 

Last night I struggled with this and I realized that although I am so extremely sad, I am indeed Thankful. 

I am thankful for this space and our stitching community, without which I would never have met such an inspiring lady. 

I am thankful for the stories and laughs we shared. 

I am thankful that Cathey was blessed with motherhood and that her incredible spirit lives on in her sweet Junior. 

I am thankful for the strength of her dear friend Katie, who took the time to inform us all and share some special memories she has, during a most difficult hour. 

I am thankful that I can call Cathey my friend. 

September 29, 2013

JCS Ornie Preview Winner!

And the winner is....

List Randomizer

There were 9 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Kay
  2. Musicwoman
  3. Catherine
  4. Cath
  5. Heather Cartwright
  6. Paula
  7. Mii Stitch
  8. Carol
  9. Cheryl
Timestamp: 2013-09-30 01:44:57 UTC


Kay, I'll send you an email to get your address and will send your magazine out this week. Enjoy!

September 26, 2013

HoE Exchange for Karen

I saw on the Hooked on Exchanging blog that Karen received her ornament I had stitched for her for the Prairie Schooler ornament round.  It seemed to take forever to arrive in Australia, a full month in the post, and Karen said the package looked like it had been through a war zone by the time it reached her post box!

Winter's Eve by The Prairie Schooler
Gift of Stitching ~ November 2010
stitching on 32ct black linen
with recommended DMC
I finished it differently than I normally do, attaching it to a little felt pillow that I blanket stitched together, with some rusted bells & ribbon.  I have to tell you, this is my FAVORITE ornament finish to date ~ I hope Karen feels like it was worth the wait ;) 
In case you missed it, I have a giveaway happening on my last post ~ a copy of the 2013 JCS ornie preview issue in case you missed grabbing a copy when it was on the shelves!  I'll be drawing a name on Sunday :)

September 22, 2013


**Giveaway Closed**

I was cleaning up some of my stitching stash this weekend and it appears that I bought the JCS Ornament Preview magazine twice!

So I guess the only thing to do is hold a giveaway for the extra copy! My mistake equals your gain!

If you weren't able to scoop this up and would like a copy, please leave a comment on this post. No hoops, please just be sure that I have a way to reach you if you're selected as the winner... Meaning that if you're email isn't linked to your Blogger profile, please leave it in your comment!

Assuming there's multiple people interested I'll draw a name next Sunday, September 29th. 

Happy first day of fall to you! I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we've had here lately :)

September 5, 2013

September Goals...

Almost one week into September already...  kids are back in school and settling in, and back on the ice for hockey as well.  Looking at the calendar it's definitely a full month but it seems to be how we roll around here :)

Before I get on to this month's goals, let's see how last month went.

Stitch & finish Prairie Schooler Exchange for Aug 15 mail date - finished, but unfortunately late :(
Complete border on Log Cabin Granny - no, didn't touch it
Work on organizing crap craft room - a little bit, I at least know where most things are now!
Finish Promise Me & price out framing - not one little stitch
Finish motifs for Pineapple Squares Throw (currently on #8) - finished #8, progress on #9

So, not a very crafty month in terms of meeting goals.  Having houseguests took more out of me than I thought it would apparently!  I did a bit of stitching on my HAED, and selected my ornament for the next exchange.  I would have made much more progress on the Pineapple Squares motifs, but I lost my crochet hook during a camping trip so didn't get to work on it at all during 3 days away (and I probably would have finished them all too!).

So, what's the plans for September??

Stitch & finish HoE Runners Up Ornament Exchange
Work on border on Log Cabin Granny (want to be completed by Thanksgiving in October)
Finish motifs for Pineapple Squares Throw (currently on #9)
Make progress on Promise Me & Butterfly Ballerina Blue
Work on organizing crap craft room

Let's see how we do this month, shall we?

I'm still waiting for my Prairie Schooler exchange to reach it's destination, and will share it as soon as I have word that it's at it's new home...  I am totally in love with how this ornament turned out, and may need to stitch it for myself yet too!

And because no post seems to be complete without a picture ~ here's a quick keychain we made this morning for my boy before he left for school, to hold his very first house key...

A very quick & easy keychain, and fun too! 
Thanks for stopping by my space here, Happy Thursday to you!

August 28, 2013

Lately I've been...


some beautiful flowers given to me from a friend, "just because".


and trying to achieve peace in my home, with what seems like the simplest of things, but it's working!


some beautiful finishing supplies, via Nancy, who by the way provides the best customer service I've ever had.

I've been doing a wee bit of stitching on Butterfly Ballerina Blue the last few evenings, but no exciting progress as of yet.  And since I'm waiting for my latest exchange to reach its recipient and I can't show you that, I thought I'd share some of the little things that have been making me smile lately.

What has made you smile lately?

August 21, 2013

HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange from Carol

Late last week I received this stunner of an ornament from Carol in the latest HoE ornament exchange.  Carol chose an oldie, but a goodie, from 1988.  Best thing about Prairie Schooler is that classic look, they never get old :)

And look at the lovely personalization on the back too!  Thank you Carol, it will be treasured!
I'll share my exchange when it arrives at its destination ~ unfortunately I misjudged the time that having houseguests would take out of my schedule and was late on the mailing deadline.  My fingers are crossed that it wings its way there quickly!

August 1, 2013

August Goals

Wow ~ it appears that I haven't posted my goals since August of last year!  Totally dropped that one...  but time to pick it back up I think!

We have houseguests for most of August so I think I'll keep them simple. 

Stitch & finish Prairie Schooler Exchange for Aug 15 mail date
Complete border on Log Cabin Granny
Work on organizing crap craft room
Finish Promise Me & price out framing
Finish motifs for Pineapple Squares Throw (currently on #8)
I've listed them in the order that I would prefer to complete them in - but to be honest, I'm completely hooked (ha!) on the Pineapple Squares...  it's definitely been the project that calls my name lately. 
{pic from instagram}

We'll see how close I come to meeting my goals... have you set any?

July 18, 2013

Stitchers Choice from Janet

Here are a couple pics of the beautiful ornament I received from Janet in the HoE Stitchers Choice Exchange. Janet chose to stitch me LHN's Caroling Quartet and I just love it! 
With great personalization on the back side too :)  This ornament will look lovely hanging on my tree, thank you Janet!

July 1, 2013

HoE Stitchers Choice for Carol

Blink!  Just like that half the year is gone!  I have no idea where the last month went since I last posted, we're a busy family, baseball season was here so just like hockey season it's go, go, go!
I received a lovely email from Carol last week letting me know that she had received my piece from the HoE Stitcher's Choice Exchange.
Christmas Comes by Vivian Bales
Gift of Stitching December 2007
32ct Mushroom Lugana
DMC as charted

With a little personalization on the back.

And while I was taking pictures of the ornament, someone thought it was quite interesting and needed to check it out too!

I'm glad you liked it Carol, I enjoyed stitching for you :) And thank you again for all your work moderating the exchanges so many of us enjoy so much!
Happy Canada Day to all my friends up here north of the border, I hope you had a great day and got to enjoy some sunshine!  

Claimin' my blog :)

Follow">">Follow my blog with Bloglovin

With the demise of Google reader, I've joined over at Bloglovin...  :)

May 14, 2013

TUSAL ~ May 2013

Friday was another new moon, so you know what that means, right?  Yup, I'm late for another TUSAL posting! 
There's not a lot...  the last month consisted of the end of tax season, and there wasn't a whole lot of stitching going on in that crazy work month!

But, there was a little, and a little more since...  I'm doing a mini happy dance, PAGE ONE IS DONE!!!

The last little bit of that wing detail just about killed me...  there was about 6 or 7 colors that only had one stitch on this page, and I found them all at the end!  Took me about 2 hours last night to finish all the little leftover confetti stitches, but boy oh boy, was I ever a happy girl at bedtime! 

Four and a half months, that's what it took me to complete page one.  At this rate, the projected Happy Dance for the entire piece is slated for Spring of 2022, wow!  The bright side is that it will be closer to my daughters 30th birthday then her 50th that she's teasing me about ;)

May 8, 2013

Pattern Searching...

I found out today that a very close friend of mine will be moving away.  Her husband accepted a job transfer to the States, she will be leaving sometime after school's out at the end of June.  I'm crushed.  She's crushed.  We cried.  We wiped each other's tears & hugged.  Jeez, I sound so dramatic, but we're sad... :(

So, I want to make her something, hopefully before they go.  So I have about 6 weeks I think.  Does anyone have any ideas of a good friendship pattern?  Ornament, pinkeep, maybe a box topper.  Smallish in size so I can have a chance of finishing it before they leave.  I'm going to dig through the crap craft room this weekend.  The plan was to work on setting that room up some, but I'm thinking this is more important!

April 21, 2013

IHSW ~ April 2013

Here we are, already the third weekend of the month again!  This weekend was IHSW and it's time to share some pics...

I forgot to take a before pic, but the picture from the last post was close to where I started.  The darker gray from the side of the wing was further down when I started this weekend. 

And this is where I ended up when I put away my needle tonight.

Page 1 is so close to a finish!  But I don't think it will be able to happen before the end of the month.  I realized that I'm missing two colors...  I have no idea how that happened, I was sure I had them all.  And since it's the last week of tax season I probably won't have a chance to get out and get them until the 1st. 
I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods, it sure hasn't been a lot here lately!  Yesterday when I left work it was snowing & blowing like crazy, it was so cold!  The sun was shining out today, it ended up being a really nice day, but the forecast is calling for snow next weekend again, it's just crazy!  Stay warm friends :)

April 15, 2013

TUSAL ~ April 2013

Late last night I realized that I never posted my TUSAL jar this week...  I promise I will be on time for the party one of these days!

It's hard to see much of a difference, I still need to find a different container.  But you'll see from the pic below that there has been some stitchy progress!

It's full blown tax season right now. I've been working every day, and that's likely how it will go for the rest of the month...  I've been trying to get in at least one thread length a day and most days that's been happening.  This picture was taken before last nights stitching, so there's a little more wing detail now too :)  I'm loving working on my first HAED, fingers are crossed that it stays that way!

And here's a little Sheila puppy love for all of you, I love her smile :)

Wishing you all a great Monday!

March 21, 2013

IHSW ~ March 2013

Last weekend was the third instalment of the IHSW for the year, and even though I had a really busy weekend, I managed to get a decent amount of stitching done. 

before the weekend

and after

I think the only reason I was able to make such decent progress it because all of the stitching was one color and just filling in the blank spots..  But guys, I'm really getting tired of that DMC 415! haha!

The weekend was really good, spent lots of time with my oldest girl...  we went to a concert with a group of gals on Saturday night and then to the hockey game on Sunday night.  Good times had by all :)  Want to know the best part of the weekend???  I got asked to show my ID four times Saturday night!!!  Made my day! Never mind that, it made my whole year!!  LOL

Another weekend is almost here already, I swear all I do is blink and another week has gone by.  First day of spring yesterday and you'd never know it here...  We've been hit with a snowstorm, predicting 10cm to fall today!  Yikes!

March 14, 2013

TUSAL ~ March 2013

Perpetually late, as always!  I just can't seem to post a TUSAL report on time!

As you can see, I still haven't managed to find a decent jar for my orts...  stitching all of these greys and similar colors on my HAED makes it look like there hasn't been much added to the pot, but with only doing over one stitching I don't think there really has been!
I cheated a little though, I have to admit...  the blue threads you see were found in the laundry and I dropped them in my ort pot while folding ;)

I have made some pretty good progress on Butterfly Ballerina Blue since my last photo.  I would love to be able to finish page 1 by the end of the month!

This weekend is IHSW, but according to my calendar there won't be a whole lot of hermitting going on for me...  but I'm hoping I can squeeze some time to sit in my comfy spot & relax with needle & thread :)

Enjoy the rest of your week friends, it's almost Friday!

March 3, 2013

A win & a couple of hats

Sometimes I find the hardest thing about posting here can be coming up with a title for the post...  seems silly to me, but it's true!  Anyone else?

A couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail with these two cute charts :)

I was lucky to be the winner of the Shepherd's Bush portion of Melissa's January giveaway!  I haven't stitched a SB pattern before, this snowman fob drew me right in!  And the scissors are very cute too!  Thanks Melissa!

I crocheted a couple of hats last month for Ethan and my dad, those bald heads needed something to help keep them warm!

Ribbed Hat
free pattern by Bernat {here}
details on my Ravelry page

And a not so great pic of the two of them sporting their hats after a Rush game for Hair Massacure!

Lookin' good! ;o)
I started a new crochet project tonight, the Diamond Crochet Cowl and I love how it's turning out!  It's working up so quickly, and I love me some instant gratification!
Are up on Ravelry?  I've just started using it a little more, helping me to track my crochet projects better.  And helping enable me to add more projects to the never ending to-do list!  So many projects and so little time!
Well, in the blink of an eye it's Sunday night already.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and wishing you a fabulous week ahead!  G'night :)

February 20, 2013

IHSW ~ February 2013

This last weekend was the third weekend of the month, bringing us another IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend) hosted by Joysze.  It was a long weekend here, although I don't know that it meant anything for me, I worked Sunday morning & all day Monday!  My busy season has begun :S

I worked a bit on Butterfly Ballerina Blue... 


I was thinking that there wasn't as much progress as it looks like to me now, yay!  I guess I did manage to fit in a fair amount of stitching time :)  Maybe by the end of 2013 I'll get to the end of page one! 

A question for HAED stitchers ~ I'm stitching 1 over 1 on 25ct, but just realized that the pattern says 2 strands...  how do you stitch your HAEDs?  I think I have adequate coverage, especially since so far it's been mainly only lighter grays that I've been stitching and it seems ok, so I'm thinking maybe that will just matter if you're stitching on a darker fabric?  Any thoughts?

Happy Wednesday!

February 17, 2013

Hair Massacure 2013

Friday was Hair Massacure Day!  I had so much fun working at the event all day, it was a very rewarding experience.  I was placed at the pre-registration table with a friend of mine, we were blessed to be able to chat with all of the participants that came through, except for the large teams and schools.  We loved it their and told the event organizers that we'll sign a lifetime contract to work the front table! We were there from 8am - 9pm and the day just flew by!

It was a very rewarding and emotional day.  We met people who have lost loved ones and were participating in their memory, survivors, individuals battling right now and others who just want to give.  One lady walked in and donated 18.5 inches of hair!   

One girl that stands out in my mind ~ she was about 15 with beautiful, curly, auburn hair down to her waist.  She had raised money (if memory serves me right it was over $3,000!) and was there to donate her hair and shave her head.  Her parents and four of her friends were with her for support.  She came back to see us with her beautiful bald head afterwards and she was just glowing!  She was so happy that she could do this in order to help someone else feel beautiful when they're going through these struggles.  Her smile never left her face all day! 

Later in the afternoon my dad and Ethan showed up for their turn in the shave pit. 

They were seated in chairs side by side, with the rest of the family watching behind them (Ethan's great-grandparents are in the top left corner of the picture above!).

One of my favorite shots of Ethan, he looks so deep in thought!

And my dad smiled the WHOLE TIME!!!

The first impressions of their bald heads!!  Dad looked in the mirror and yelled "Mussolini!" Haha!

My dad's hat with the slogan "This is how we fight!".

And Ethan's glitter tatoo with the Hair Massacure logo...  these were fun!

And finally, a photo of my two "proud victims"! 

I'm so glad Ethan was able to share this experience with his Opa. Thanks Dad for being such a great role model!

We thank everyone so much for their support of these two with their 2013 Hair Massacure adventure ~ they raised $2,902 in pledges for the event, surpassing their goal of $2,500!!!

**You can see our family's participation with the event over the years here!