January 15, 2013

The First TUSAL of 2013

The first TUSAL post of 2013! 

My stitchy ORTs look good this month, but truthfully a lot of it is from the fraying edges of my fabric... I never take the time to do anything with the edges, I'm just too darn excited to jump right into my new projects! What about you?

And after talking about it for a long time, and then gathering supplies, gridding fabric, etc., I've finally started my first HAED.  I'm loving every teeny tiny stitch so far!

Doesn't look like much yet, does it? 

I've got some fun news to share, I found a new LNS in my area!  Besides Michaels, I only knew of one needlework store in my city.  My mom and I were out on our annual shopping day and stumbled across a new store!  It was kind of deceiving as their name is The Frame Corner and so I'm sure I've seen the store again and again, but never knew there was fun stitchy stuff inside!

And the most exciting part?  Are you ready?  Stitching get-togethers! And retreats!  I've been envious of the stitchy getaways and get-togethers I see around blogland, I don't really know any other stitchers that I can visit with and talk stitching.  There's my mom, and my girls dabble with it once in a while, but that's pretty much it.  I'm soooo looking forward to venturing out and getting to know other stitchers!


Lesleyanne said...

Great start on your first HAED. Your orts look great.

Tracey said...

Way to go on your HAED!

I can see why you're so excited with finding a LNS. As you can see from our blog, there's nothing better than having a special group of ladies to stitch with!! Have fun :-)

valerie said...

Great TUSAL and start on your HAED!

Cheryl said...

Oh thats fab! I would LOVE a LNS and stitching get-togethers etc! I have no friends that stitch.

Carol said...

What fun to find a new LNS!! My nearest one is almost an hour away--just too far with the price of gas these days...

Looking forward to watching your HAED grow, Nicole!

Siobhán said...

Oh, lucky you with a new LNS!! Oh, how I envy you!

Nice progress on your HAED!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I don't edge my fabric either, because I find like you too excited to start and also it only frays a little about as much as you would zig zagging the fabric.

That's a great new start!

Melanie said...

Oooooo, a HAED!!!
I don't have the stamina for those but they are *so* beautiful. Can't wait to see more progress pics!!!! :)

(I will zigzag a fabric edge if it's fraying enough that it's annoying to work with. Just about the ONLY thing I use my durn serger for too! *snort* I have no idea how to operate that thing. lol)

Suzanne said...

Great start on your first HAED!