May 14, 2013

TUSAL ~ May 2013

Friday was another new moon, so you know what that means, right?  Yup, I'm late for another TUSAL posting! 
There's not a lot...  the last month consisted of the end of tax season, and there wasn't a whole lot of stitching going on in that crazy work month!

But, there was a little, and a little more since...  I'm doing a mini happy dance, PAGE ONE IS DONE!!!

The last little bit of that wing detail just about killed me...  there was about 6 or 7 colors that only had one stitch on this page, and I found them all at the end!  Took me about 2 hours last night to finish all the little leftover confetti stitches, but boy oh boy, was I ever a happy girl at bedtime! 

Four and a half months, that's what it took me to complete page one.  At this rate, the projected Happy Dance for the entire piece is slated for Spring of 2022, wow!  The bright side is that it will be closer to my daughters 30th birthday then her 50th that she's teasing me about ;)

May 8, 2013

Pattern Searching...

I found out today that a very close friend of mine will be moving away.  Her husband accepted a job transfer to the States, she will be leaving sometime after school's out at the end of June.  I'm crushed.  She's crushed.  We cried.  We wiped each other's tears & hugged.  Jeez, I sound so dramatic, but we're sad... :(

So, I want to make her something, hopefully before they go.  So I have about 6 weeks I think.  Does anyone have any ideas of a good friendship pattern?  Ornament, pinkeep, maybe a box topper.  Smallish in size so I can have a chance of finishing it before they leave.  I'm going to dig through the crap craft room this weekend.  The plan was to work on setting that room up some, but I'm thinking this is more important!