November 27, 2014

SFS2014 ~ November & HoE Exchange for Karen

Our Stitch From Stash is almost done for the year already!  Only one month left, it stuns me to think that we're almost through 2014.

And so for my November report...  I spent NOTHING!  It's been a while since that's happened and so I'm pretty excited about that ;o)

I managed to stitch from the stash this month too ~ my HoE exchange was purely stash (if the magazine that I bought two months ago counts as stash!)

After a long trip in the post, I heard from Karen that the exchange piece I sent her had made it's way into her hands. 

Give Thanks
Just Cross Stitch ~ Fall 2014
substituted for GAST & WDW threads
32ct mushroom lugana
I didn't even realize until I received the email from Karen that I totally forgot to take pictures of this piece before I shipped it off in the post.  I posted one pic on Instagram when deciding how to finish this piece, and that was it!  Thank you Karen for also letting me use your pics that you posted to the HoE blog!
Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US, I hope you enjoyed your turkey day... I hope everyone is managing to stay warm! We are in the midst of a winter snowstorm, expecting 25cm to between today and tomorrow... yikes! 


Brigitte said...

Such a lovely exchange piece. And a successful SFS challenge for last month.

Melanie said...

Very cute! :)