January 27, 2014

SFS2014 ~ January

Well, another month is almost over... I really cannot believe that we're already one month into 2014. Sounds so cliche, but it's true!

I signed up for the Stitch from Stash group that Mel is hosting this year.  The timing was perfect for me, as my hubby got laid off at the beginning of December and things were getting stretched pretty tight :( Thankfully he has found another job since then, but we still have to watch our pennies! 

So here's January's stash purchase:

One magazine, so not too bad... Best part is I had a reward on my plum rewards card that I redeemed at Chapters so I only spent $2.35!  So the balance of my $25 for this month will be carried forward and I will be able to spend it in another month if I want to.

And in keeping with the theme of stitching from stash, I've spent some time on Butterfly Ballerina Blue and here's my progress on her to date:

This piece is a challenge, and still a little intimidating, but I am determined to keep plugging along on her.  I do need to pick up the pace and finish more than one page a year ~ I have another HAED chart that I want to do at some point!

I also started an ornament for the next HoE ornament round, and everything is stash for that piece too!

And now I'm off to cozy up in my stitchy spot and spend some time working on that ornie.  Thanks for stopping by!

January 13, 2014

The Final Finish of 2013

I had one last finish for 2013, a small ornament that I finished, quite literally, on the way out the door to gift it (which is why the ribbon didn't get ironed before attaching!).

Tweet Gift
Full Circle Designs
2010 JCS Christmas Issue
32ct Lugana
DMC as charted

I love this ornament...  absolutely everything about it.  And I was quite excited to give the gift too.  It was for a gift exchange where I was assigned to bring something that started with the letter O.  Unfortunately, I don't think the recipient was quite as excited to receive a handmade ornament as I was to give it :(  

I was pretty bummed, as I really thought everyone in this group would be appreciative, which is why I gave it.  Next time it will be something off the rack - maybe an orange picture frame to cover the letter O (yuck!).

Has something like this ever happened to you with a handmade gift?