April 28, 2014

SFS2014 ~ April

April has been a crazy month and I'm so grateful it's almost over!!  Working in an accounting firm, there is little time for anything but work it seems...  But, that makes it very easy to stick to a stash accumulation diet! haha!

So ~ my Stitch From Stash spend for the month is:


There has been very little stitching...  I've just been too tired to focus my eyeballs on those little x's.  Here's the wee little bit of progress on Butterfly Ballerina Blue.

I have managed a little bit of crocheting, started a new scarf/shawl which I am absolutely loving.  I haven't done a lot of crochet in the last six months or so - which was coincidentally right about the same time we acquired a new member in our family...  Mary ~ a little she-devil that loves to play with my yarn ;o)
I'm quite excited to start a new path in my little crafty world next week, I've signed up for a knitting class with my SIL and two coworkers.  And once I'm all caught up on sleep this weekend, I'm sure the itch to stitch will be back with a vengeance!  My goal for this weekend is to stay in my pj's, enjoy some time with my family (who I feel I have rather neglected this month) and maybe, just maybe, finish page 2 on Butterfly Ballerina Blue.  Sounds like a wonderful plan to me :)