January 14, 2015

Knitting ~ The Next Step

I am so in love with learning this new craft!  Last week I started the next phase of my knitting ventures, Knitting 201 at my LYS.  Double Pointed Needles!
I worked on my homework assignment from our last class, documenting my progress in pictures of course.

We are doing three projects in this month long class, and after finishing the first one I promptly casted on for the second and finished my homework, the ribbing for a wristwarmer.  I am anxiously biding my time until tomorrow's class, where we will be learning CABLES!  I don't know if you can tell exactly how excited I am?
Aside from feeling all thumbs, I am truly enjoying it so much. The possibilities now are endless... hats! socks! mittens!  We will defeat winter now, we will be so warm!
Have you started any new crafty ventures lately? 


Brigitte said...

You are doing your class very successfully. A great little hat that you knitted here. And I'm sure the next project will be just as great as this one.

Melanie said...

How cute is that!?!?

Angela P said...

Is this difficult? It looks difficult :) I have to start challenging myself to move out of the beginners box though and soon! I want to learn cables too :)