January 7, 2015

The Holiday Handmades :: For Him

EDIT::  Lisa, in response to your question (you are a no-reply blogger)...  my girlfriend ordered them through a local sports store.  They are a hollow plastic shell of a puck.  Hope this helps!

* * * * *

One day in October I got a message from one of my hockey mom friends, sending me a picture of a wreath she saw somewhere on the net saying "we could totally make these!".   These weren't just any ordinary Christmas wreaths you see, but something that was totally up our hockey-loving alley.

And so, 5 of us hockey moms got together one night, armed with glue guns, drinks and snacks, and had a blast. 

The end result - a Christmas gift for the hubby.


I'm hoping that my most adored hockey fan will enjoy this for many years yet to come.  I know I will, it's my favorite finish of 2014!  Well, maybe it's tied with the turtle :)


Loretta said...

I am not a hockey person but I think the wreath you created is fantastic and the turtle is just adorable.

Carol said...

What a great idea!! My Pittsburgh Penguins loving son would love this :)

Melanie said...

Too funny!
We go see the baby Bruins play at least a few times per season so I'm down with the hockey wreath. :)

Shebafudge said...

That's a fab idea. Love it!

Lisa Thornton said...

Love this! I want to make it for my son's hockey general manager ... thinking it might be heavy though! Where did you find the pucks that you used?