February 21, 2016

A Touch of Handmade

It's really no secret that we crafty types like to incorporate a little handmade with anything we give.

Such was the case over the holidays, when my office held a small gift exchange for our Women's Network.  We had to give 5 gifts, over 5 weeks with a $50 overall budget.  I found this cute little Christmas plant, as the lady I had to give to indicated that she liked plants and flowers, but the ugly white plastic pot was horrible on it's own!

I found some Christmas cotton in the crap craft room and in no time we were set for the giving!

It made me laugh as this didn't even give away who her Secret Santa was, I think she thought it was just part of the pot.  And that surprised me!

What have you added your crafty touch to lately?


Carol said...

What a nice way to dress up a plain old pot, Nicole! I really do need to learn how to crochet :)

Mylene said...

wow! love it! Great job!!

valerie said...

Very cute!!

Brigitte said...

A really nice idea for this flower pot.