February 16, 2016

like she needs another hobby...

You know how sometimes you put things off for so long that you don't even know how to begin?  That's how I've been feeling with the blog... there's been so much happening, so much crafting and so much life, yet I've been procrastinating.  Thinking "I should post about that", and then I don't and can't even give a reason as to why.

So here I am ~ hoping to be jumping in with both feet again!

Last summer, I attended a Paint Nite with a girlfriend.  They're really popular right now, and selling out super fast!  We actually booked this last April, and went last July.  I was so stressed, as I'm someone who cannot draw a straight line!

"How are you doing that?" I'd say to her...  "OMG, I can't believe you think this is fun, I'm so stressed!"... and she'd reply with "Relax, it's fun! Your painting looks great."

And, in the end, I chose to listen to her, to relax and have fun.  We had a great girls night out.

And guess what?  We did it again.  And again.  And maybe even again (and a time or two more than that!).

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valerie said...

Love your painting, Cole! It looks great!