May 25, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 13

No progress picture this week. We had an extremely busy weekend & by the time I had a chance to sit and stitch on Sunday I was just too tired. Oh well, there's always next week :)

About two weeks ago I joined the Totally Useless SAL (hosted by Yoyo) where we are supposed to post progress of our stitching "throw aways" every new moon. Here is my progress so far:

Also, hop on over to Carol R's blog and checkout her giveaway. Her fobs are so sweet!

Happy Monday, I hope you have a wonderful week :)

May 19, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 12

Here is this week's progress:

I was able to make huge progress this week. My parents had taken the kiddies to the mountains for the weekend (*smile*) and I did nothing but plant my behind on the couch, watch movies and stitch all day Sunday, and Monday too! I watched The Bucket List, Little Black Book, P.S. I Love You, and then DH joined me for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (half on Sunday and half on Monday). Not a very productive long weekend, but definitely an enjoyable one!!!

Also, stop by and visit Cindy's blog, she's having a giveaway to celebrate 10,000 hits! Wow!

Thanks for stopping by, I need to run and assemble my TTE floss tag now.... the deadline is approaching!

BoInk SAL - Week 11

I'm behind a week in posting progress again! Well, sometimes life just gets away from you a little I guess :)

Here is Week 11's progress. Not too much to report this week. I'm a sucker for punishment an active volunteer for various things the kiddies are involved with and last Sunday I had to work a bingo for the hockey club, which resulted in not too much stitching time.

Well, I think my pillow is calling my name. I'll post this week's progress tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

May 8, 2009

A Giveaway

Edgar is having a drawing to celebrate his second blogoversary. Go check out his amazing stitching and great movie reviews! Happy Blogoversary Edgar!

May 7, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 10

Not too much to show, but here is this week's progress :)

Not much progress, but every stitch counts!

Thanks for stopping by!

May 4, 2009

BoInk SAL - Week 9

Here is my progress from last week, well, actually the week before :)

Week 10's progress is still to come, maybe tomorrow. The last week has been incredibly draining, and I don't seem to have the ability to wrap my head around anything yet. Also, I can't find my silly camera again, I swear it must have legs. Either that or I have some children who LOVE to take pictures of themselves, but do not love to own up to playing with things that they're not supposed to touch!