February 15, 2010

An Overdue Update

Well, I have a lot to share today :)

A little while ago I was fortunate to win a prize in Carol's birthday giveaway. It arrived last week and I can't wait to sit down and spend some time with these charts! Thank you Carol :)

Yesterday was a new moon ~ which brings this month's TUSAL update...

There's quite a bit of yellow's & green's from my checkerboard & light blue's & whites from my new start. It's funny, I'm feeling a little obsessive about my clippings now, I kept them all gathered up from the stitching I did at the hospital and had to add them to the container when I got home! Is that weird?? LOL

And a BoInk update too...

I didn't pick it up this weekend, and probably won't until the end of the month. I decided to do a new start for the Olympics and will probably only stitch on that for the duration of the games.

And my checkerboard...

I'm so close to a finish on this I can almost taste it!! This was the piece that came to the hospital with us last week, so it got a lot of attention. Unfortunately I ran out of the gold (with about 12 stitches left in that color of course!), so I need to get to Micheal's before I can finish it up. Then I'll have to focus on getting the playing pieces stitched.

I decided to start the DH's North Pole stocking (The Cross Stitcher Aug '09) for my Olympic Stitch-A-Thon. Unfortunately there wasn't much stitching time this weekend, so here's where we sit after the weekend...

So far a fun piece! I definitely have to pay attention, so far the frogs have visited a bit and I have to do a minor adjustment for a miscount that I didn't notice, but I think it should all work out. Must Pay Attention!

And if you've made it through all that, thanks for dropping by friends, and have a fantastic week!

February 9, 2010

TTE Too Scissor Case Exchange for Anita

It's been a little roller coaster around here the last little bit. My younger daughter has been quite ill. She'd had a fever for over a week and had been diagnosed with Strep, but treatment wasn't working. We took her into emergency on Saturday evening where she was diagnosed and immediately started treatment for Kawasaki Disease. Thankfully, we were discharged last night and things are looking up *fingers crossed*. There's still some more tests & appointments we need to take care of, but doesn't really matter as much since she's home now! I may be a little bit absent around blogland for the next little bit as things get back to normal around here :)

I thought I'd post since I saw on the TTE Too blog that Anita received her scissor case exchange I had sent her. Anita and I had each other for this round, I shared the case I received from her earlier this month.

Hummingbird Scissor Case and Fob
freebie pattern from Cross Stitch Happy

And some extra photos :)

Here's the front of the case...

And the back...

I decided to also make Anita a matching fob. This fob turned out so cute & tiny ~ I think I need to make one for myself! I also stuck a penny in it for a little weight since it was so tiny.

Anita, I hope you enjoy your exchange!!

February 6, 2010

For my Girls

As I mentioned earlier, I made my girls a little something for Christmas. Well, to be perfectly honest, only one was finished by Christmas, the other I finished up on Boxing Day. Note to self ~ allow more time to finish your Christmas crafting this year!

A little something for my hockey player...

And something a little more girly for my dancer...

This was my first attempt at granny squares and they are so easy! Hazel pointed me in the direction of this YouTube video and it made them so simple. I also got a kick of telling people "I learned how to do it from YouTube"! Thanks Hazel!

February 3, 2010

I Bought Myself a Present...

I haven't really shared any stitchy related purchases made on this here blog before, but this time I couldn't resist! I've mentioned before that I didn't own a real pair of embroidery scissors. Well, in the last couple of weeks I've treated myself to not one, but two pairs! I'm a little excited, especially about the pink ribbon ones, they're so pretty!

The cut of aida is to make a stocking for DH, my next big project. I'm not sure when I'm going to start it since I have BoInk and the Sunflower Checkerboard already on the go. I was thinking of maybe making it an Olympic project... is anyone else starting anything new for an Olympic Stitch-A-Thon??? Let me know, I'd love to keep tabs on progress with you :)

Happy Stitching!

February 2, 2010

Scissor Case Exchange from Anita

Some days I just love my mailman :)

Today's mail brought my TTE Too Scissor Case exchange from Anita (no blog). Anita sent me the sweetest scissor case showcasing the thing that's most important to me...

Anita also included some cute goodies:

A baggie of flower sequins, a fuzzy pencil and these two decorated wooden clothespins. The bird and bunny are so detailed, they are so delicate with some very intricate woodwork.

Thank you Anita, this package made my day!!