May 28, 2010

Early Christmas Exchange for Leigh

Happy Friday All!!

I saw on the HoE site that Leigh received the Christmas ornament I stitched for her for the HoE Early Christmas Exchange. 

Windows of Joy ~ Primrose Needleworks
Gift of Stitching Magazine ~ December 2007
32ct Mushroom Lugana & recommended DMC

I loved stitching up this little ornament.  Truth be told, I had started something else and almost had it finished, but just wasn't happy with my choice.  So about 4 days before the mailing deadline I started this little gem and am so happy I did.  Anyone else ever feel that way?? 

Leigh, I'm so happy you (and your son!) are enjoying your ornament!  And thank you for taking a much better photo than I did :)


Left Sox said...

LOL I know exactly how you feel! I just cut up my Fairy Idyll and finished into a different kind of thing instead of finishing all the cross stitch on something I wasn't liking!

Lisa said...

Windows of Joy is beautiful, I am sure that Leigh will enjoy putting this beauty on her Christmas tree 7 months (yikes...lets not rush the holidays :) ).
I have experienced the same situation - stitching something for an exchange and then changing my mind. Sometimes I think that I put too much thought and try for too much "perfection" with exchanges that it adds stress to something that should be fun. Oh well, it is still enjoyable :)
Take care!

Pumpkin said...

Lovely job Cole :o)

Mylene said...

A beautiful ornament for the exchange and you finished it pretty quick. Oh sure had those moments too, not satisfied with the first choice and had to hurry up for a better piece.

Happy weekend!

Myra said...

Very pretty Cole!

Lynn said...

Wow... that is gorgeous... sure would look nice at my house, hint hint :)