August 31, 2010

For the Birds Exchange for Missy Ann

On Friday I received an email from Missy Ann letting me know the HoE For the Birds Exchange I sent her had finally arrived!  Usually it only takes about a week for any packages I send to get to the US and this time is took three weeks.  But Missy Ann assures me that she likes it and it arrived safe and sound, so all is good :)

As soon as I saw this design I could only picture it finished as a needlebook.  I was a little worried when it worked up as small as it did but decided to still go ahead with the finish as planned.  It turned out so tiny, it fit into the palm of my hand!

birds by Heart in Hand
32ct Queen Anne Lace
Hand Dyed Jobelin
Recommended DMC
JABC button

This was also the first time I used a blanket stitch, before I had just attached the felt with buttons, but I think it turned out okay :)

Truth be told, I was a wee bit nervous when my partner info arrived in my inbox and I saw Missy Ann's name...  she's an excellent finisher who has some really neat ideas.  I mean, who didn't see her 13 Days of Halloween event last year and all the neat finishes she did for her giveaways? Wow!

I still have lots of good things to share with you all, including some crafty goodness my girl has been up to, but I think that's about all I have for today.  School's back in tomorrow and we're looking forward to getting back into routine around this house!  Although it may be off to a rough start since it's after 11 now and I still have little people who haven't hit dreamland yet...

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

August 28, 2010

For the Birds Exchange from Sandra

This week I received my HoE For the Birds exchange from Sandra in Barbados.  Sandra chose a Prairie Schooler design for me and stitched and finished it so beautifully.  She added a pocket on the back of the cushion to hold my scissors or a packet of needles. 

I don't believe Sandra has a blog anymore, the link didn't work on the HoE blog, but please correct me if I'm wrong!  Sandra updated me with her blog address, you can visit her here!  Thanks Sandra :)

Thank you so much Sandra!  And the postcard you sent also shows me that I think I need to see Barbados one day :)

August 17, 2010

Looky at these Lovelies!

I had some lovelies waiting for me when we returned from our adventuring last week.  A little while ago I had won a blog drawing from Tatyana and look at the goodies that made their way across the ocean to my house!

Tatyana had shown the sweet bear in her giveaway but the extras were a surprise!  There's a Moda jelly roll, skeins of variegated threads and a gorgeous beaded scissor fob too! 

Thanks so much Tatyana, you are a talented lady and I'm so glad you shared this bit of goodness with me :)

Thanks for stopping by friends, enjoy the rest of your week!

August 11, 2010

Summer Adventuring... and a TUSAL update!

Picture Heavy Post :)

We've been adventuring again this summer.  This seems to be the summer of "pick up and go".

We've spent time visiting with family at the lake, getting in some fishing and water time.

Spending hours in the van watching the miles pass by.

And loving every minute of our destination :)

And we haven't had our fill yet as we're leaving again tonight!

So ~ I've managed to add a little bit to my TUSAL container this month.  This was mainly my last exchange piece and a little bit of BoInk stitching. 

And I've spent all that van time (and then some!) granny striping away...  This is working up so quickly and I'm loving each and every stripe!!

Thanks for sharing our adventures with me!  I hope your summer has been having its fair share of adventuring too :)

August 4, 2010

The Beginning

A recent shopping trip lead to this... 

All because this has been making my heart go pitter-patter.

I sure hope this helps with the mojo...  I miss my "me" time :)