May 4, 2011

A Useless TUSAL Post

That's right...  I reused last months picture...  April is work month, not stitching month :(  But on the bright side, it's over and now I can have my life back!

So, the goal for May?  Stitch my little heart out.  And buy a new computer as soon as the tax man gives me my money back.  Until that happens, it may be a little quiet around here since there's no computer access at the house right now.  But that means I should have lots of good stuff to show when I'm back, right?

Until then, may you all end up with a good case of numb-butt syndrome!


Bonnie Brown said...

I hear ya. April is a busy month for me as well (work in an accounting firm). I did manage to get some stitching done, but not enough... especially since I start my next CGA course in June
Oh well... tis life! :)
Hopefully you get lots done in the coming weeks!

Nicole said...

Hope you enjoy your numb-butt syndrome! lol..I like that! :) Stitch away girl..

Toni said...

Looking forward to all the good stuff that you're going to show us.

Sometimes, having no computer access makes us do more stitching :-)