January 25, 2012

Halloween Costume

There was a lot of blogging I missed last year... some really fun stuff too!  Here's a photo of the project that started the duct tape obsession around these parts!

I think this was our funnest Halloween costume to date!  It won me a prize at the office and Jocelyn received a lot of attention when we were out Halloween night, cars honking and people pointing from across the way "cool costume!".  It was so funny since she is definitely not the type of girl that enjoys being the center of attention...  she quickly let us know that she will be dressing up as "something boring" for next Halloween.  I suggested maybe a turtle from the way she was trying to hide her head in that box when people were noticing her!

January 23, 2012

TUSAL ~ January 2012

It's the new moon, so that means it's time for the TUSAL update!  And there's ORT's to show, so that means there's been stitching!

It's a pretty grainy picture...  I couldn't get a good one between somebody's fingerprints on the lens, dark light and then finally my batteries died in the camera, so this is what we got.  I emptied my TUSAL container on January 1 this year, I decided I needed a fresh start!  The only piece I've been working on has been the hubby's stocking and making some definite progress too.  Maybe, just maybe, it will be done this year??

January 17, 2012

It's Hair Massacure time again!

Some of you may remember last year when my daughter Jocelyn decided to participate in a local charity event called Hair Massacure...  well this year my son Ethan decided it's his turn and has set a fundraising goal of $500! 

Ethan has dyed his hair pink and will be shaving his head in support of this great cause on February 3rd!

If anyone would like to help Ethan achieve his goal, please visit his donation page here. He thanks you very much for your support :)

January 9, 2012

Be Happy

I saw this picture on Facebook today.  These words spoke to me at a time that they were definitely needed...  isn't it funny how that happens?