February 20, 2013

IHSW ~ February 2013

This last weekend was the third weekend of the month, bringing us another IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend) hosted by Joysze.  It was a long weekend here, although I don't know that it meant anything for me, I worked Sunday morning & all day Monday!  My busy season has begun :S

I worked a bit on Butterfly Ballerina Blue... 


I was thinking that there wasn't as much progress as it looks like to me now, yay!  I guess I did manage to fit in a fair amount of stitching time :)  Maybe by the end of 2013 I'll get to the end of page one! 

A question for HAED stitchers ~ I'm stitching 1 over 1 on 25ct, but just realized that the pattern says 2 strands...  how do you stitch your HAEDs?  I think I have adequate coverage, especially since so far it's been mainly only lighter grays that I've been stitching and it seems ok, so I'm thinking maybe that will just matter if you're stitching on a darker fabric?  Any thoughts?

Happy Wednesday!

February 17, 2013

Hair Massacure 2013

Friday was Hair Massacure Day!  I had so much fun working at the event all day, it was a very rewarding experience.  I was placed at the pre-registration table with a friend of mine, we were blessed to be able to chat with all of the participants that came through, except for the large teams and schools.  We loved it their and told the event organizers that we'll sign a lifetime contract to work the front table! We were there from 8am - 9pm and the day just flew by!

It was a very rewarding and emotional day.  We met people who have lost loved ones and were participating in their memory, survivors, individuals battling right now and others who just want to give.  One lady walked in and donated 18.5 inches of hair!   

One girl that stands out in my mind ~ she was about 15 with beautiful, curly, auburn hair down to her waist.  She had raised money (if memory serves me right it was over $3,000!) and was there to donate her hair and shave her head.  Her parents and four of her friends were with her for support.  She came back to see us with her beautiful bald head afterwards and she was just glowing!  She was so happy that she could do this in order to help someone else feel beautiful when they're going through these struggles.  Her smile never left her face all day! 

Later in the afternoon my dad and Ethan showed up for their turn in the shave pit. 

They were seated in chairs side by side, with the rest of the family watching behind them (Ethan's great-grandparents are in the top left corner of the picture above!).

One of my favorite shots of Ethan, he looks so deep in thought!

And my dad smiled the WHOLE TIME!!!

The first impressions of their bald heads!!  Dad looked in the mirror and yelled "Mussolini!" Haha!

My dad's hat with the slogan "This is how we fight!".

And Ethan's glitter tatoo with the Hair Massacure logo...  these were fun!

And finally, a photo of my two "proud victims"! 

I'm so glad Ethan was able to share this experience with his Opa. Thanks Dad for being such a great role model!

We thank everyone so much for their support of these two with their 2013 Hair Massacure adventure ~ they raised $2,902 in pledges for the event, surpassing their goal of $2,500!!!

**You can see our family's participation with the event over the years here!

February 12, 2013

TUSAL ~ February 2013

It's TUSAL time again!  I don't know about you, but for me it feels like all I do is blink and it's time to post our orts again ;o)

I don't think you can see a whole lot of difference in my container from last time.  There has been some stitching, I'm about 1/2 way done the first page of my HAED.  But those itty bitty stitches don't use up a lot of floss!  And I probably should get a new jar, a clear one that you can see from the side like I used to have. 

I put the stitching aside for a little bit over the last week and picked up hook & yarn.  There will be some bald heads around me very soon that will need keeping warm, hat #1 has been completed & hat #2 is about halfway done.  But with only 3 more sleeps until the big shave I better get a move on!

What have you been working on?