December 9, 2013

HoE Halloween Ornament Round #1 received from Linda

The mailman brought me a special treat today... or at least I think it was today!  I found this tucked in my front door (which we rarely use), so it might have been there sooner and went unnoticed!  We usually check the mail from outside when we take out the pup, so it was a surprise to find it between the doors.

Linda stitched me this cute ornament, which she said is a freebie from Cherry Hill Stitchery, stitched with recommended flosses.

I was going to show you the ornament I stitched as well, as I saw on the HoE blog that it was received, but I can't seem to load more than one picture today :(  Darn Blogger...

 I hope you're all managing to stay warm...  We had a cold, cold spell over the weekend, lows of around -40C! Brrrr!  I was thankful that I had last Thursday and Friday off of work, so didn't have to venture too far.  My mom braved the cold and came over to my house and we spent the two days baking up a storm for Christmas!  Mmmmm.... now if the treats will last until the big day we'll be all set! LOL


Brigitte said...

That's a very lovdely gift from Linda.
Oh my, what a cold you have. I can't even imagine it being that cold. Baking for Christmas was a good soluteion which certainly kept you warm, lol.

Chris said...

What a great ornament. Why is blogger so difficult?
I hope that you are having a great week :)

Marie said...

Cute Halloween ornament form Linda!
I saw the Lizzie Kate exchange you sent, it is adorable. When I saw that design in the JCS issue I put it on my "to stitch list"

Wish I had a cookie to eat. :-) How nice that you spent the day baking with your Mom.

It's cold (and snowing right now) here in VT.

Catherine said...

Such a cute ornament!

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely gift.