February 24, 2014

SFS2014 ~ February

Another month has just flown by!  I blinked and it's time for another Stitch from Stash update already!

So this month's stash haul...  How much did I spend?


That's right, absolutely nothing! 

No stitching to show - I have an ornament winging it's way to it's recipient for an exchange, and that's all the stitching I've done this month! 

But no post is complete without pictures...  so here's some of the goings on around here lately!

Jocelyn's hockey team has done really well this year - so well that they went undefeated and received gold medals in Minor Hockey Week, which is a big tournament that every minor hockey team in our city participates in.

For their gold medal game we had photographers from a local newspaper on their bench and a pic of my girl got in the paper!  She's in the white jersey...
We had a good laugh though over the fact that her 15 seconds of fame weren't even credited to her ~ as they used a teammates name! LOL!  I contacted the paper for a correction, but never received a reply :(
And our grandson is growing so fast, it's hard to believe that he's 2 1/2 already!  Here he is, "hiding" from his auntie...

That about sums up the goings on around these parts...  We're in the middle of a second winter around here, in the middle of a deep freeze this week.  Darn February... 
Thanks for visiting!