November 27, 2014

SFS2014 ~ November & HoE Exchange for Karen

Our Stitch From Stash is almost done for the year already!  Only one month left, it stuns me to think that we're almost through 2014.

And so for my November report...  I spent NOTHING!  It's been a while since that's happened and so I'm pretty excited about that ;o)

I managed to stitch from the stash this month too ~ my HoE exchange was purely stash (if the magazine that I bought two months ago counts as stash!)

After a long trip in the post, I heard from Karen that the exchange piece I sent her had made it's way into her hands. 

Give Thanks
Just Cross Stitch ~ Fall 2014
substituted for GAST & WDW threads
32ct mushroom lugana
I didn't even realize until I received the email from Karen that I totally forgot to take pictures of this piece before I shipped it off in the post.  I posted one pic on Instagram when deciding how to finish this piece, and that was it!  Thank you Karen for also letting me use your pics that you posted to the HoE blog!
Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US, I hope you enjoyed your turkey day... I hope everyone is managing to stay warm! We are in the midst of a winter snowstorm, expecting 25cm to between today and tomorrow... yikes! 

November 14, 2014

Practical Knitting

It seems like since I learned how to implement the terms knit and purl earlier this year, there's one thing that has been a constant on the needles.  I love, and I mean LOVE, handknit dishcloths, and am determined that I will have a drawer full of them.  

And I believe this will be accomplished in no time at all actually.  I have a nice little stash of cotton yarn that is calling my name, just waiting to be turned into something useful.  I also have many hours at the rink ahead of me to achieve this.

I think this look that Mary, my feisty little feline, has here is actually a warning to my loved ones...  you all may find yourself becoming the owners of your own drawer full of handknit dishcloths this holiday season.  I sure hope you like them just as much as I do.

November 8, 2014

Autumn Exchange Received

I participated in an Autumn Exchange with the HoE group and received my piece from Kim.

It`s a fun piece and is making autumn last a little longer since we woke up to snow this morning!!

I actually received this piece in late October, but have had a lot going on in our life and had been delayed in finishing and mailing my piece so I wouldn't allow myself to open it until I had my piece in the mail.  Thank you Kim as it was well worth the wait, and made me smile after a rough patch :)

Wishing you a fabulous weekend and hope you're staying warm...  I have a feeling that we will stay in frozen temperatures now till spring!

November 2, 2014

SFS2014 ~ October

This month`s stash enhancement was something that I just couldn`t walk away from...  the new JCS Ornament issue!  And then I also snatched up a large piece of 32ct Mushroom Lugana, it`s my favorite fabric to stitch on and it seems like my LNS just can`t keep it in stock, so I have to grab some whenever I see it :)

Total spend...  $46.98

We received  a $50 exemption to be used before the rest of the year, so I think I`d like to use it now! :D

Thank you Mel for hosting the SFS challenge this year!  I think it`s been good for me to track my spending and be more aware of it.  I don`t know if I`ve been actually spending less or not, but am definitely more thoughtful when purchasing!