December 22, 2014

SFS2014 ~ December

Thank you all for your kind comments about Sheila...  it's been three weeks and we are all still feeling a little lost, even the cat I think.  Your words, and those cyber-hugs, have helped tremendously.  Thank you xo

* * * * *

Wow, we're at the end of 2014!  It totally blows my mind how fast time goes...  and it seems to just keep going faster and faster! 

And so it's time for the final Stitch from Stash report of the year!  This month I spent...


I didn't do a very good job at keeping a running total - did ok for the first few months until I actually started spending some money.  Then it was harder to keep track!

This month has had a little stitching, and yes, it was from stash...  I had a new start - Grumpy Kitty by Brooke Nolan (free chart).  I'm hoping against hope that I will get a couple hours to finish this up somewhere in the next 48, as it's intended to be a Christmas present for my son.  Somehow though, I think he may receive the stitched, but not finished, design and I will have a finish on Boxing Day.  I just have so much still to do and just not enough hours I think!

How about you?  Are you ready for Christmas?


Carol said...

I'm sure you'll miss Sheila more than ever this week, Nicole--I know how hard it is. I still remember the fun our old cat had at Christmas time.

Thanks for the link to Grumpy Cat--I need to stitch that for my son!!

Merry Christmas to you!

Hazel said...

Well done on not spending any money on stash this month! Have a lovely Christmas. I will be thinking about you. xx

Melanie said...

Merry Christmas to you!! :)

Brigitte said...

Another successful SFS month for you. I also loved the experience of stitching mainly from stash and not buying new charts all the time.

Grumpy Kitty is such a lovely chart. I hoep you could finish it in time for your son. And hopefully you were having a great Christmas Day with your family.