August 4, 2015


"Gramma, can we do our yarning now?"
That's what me and my boy do when he comes to Gramma's house.  We play trains, garden, watch movies and do our yarning.
And what's on the needles?  For me it's a sock (I'm on a mission!), and usually a dishcloth too (because, well, you know)... and for Chance?  Well, this week it was monkey's in a tree.  Last week, he made me a thundercloud.  Next week?  Maybe he'll make me a pizza, or a rainbow, or...  the possibilities are endless!

August 1, 2015

Wool + Needles = SOCKS!

One of my dreams has always been to be able to knit a pair of socks. It feels silly really, as I absolutely hate wearing them! I love to be barefoot and only wear socks when I have to. And by have to, I mean it's usually February and -25 degrees outside!

But since I now consider myself a knitter (a novice one yes, but still a knitter) I figured it was time to fulfill that dream. And so two Saturdays were recently spent at my LYS enrolled in Sock Boot Camp and lo and behold, I found myself knitting socks. 


Well, once that was figured out I couldn't just stop with one pair.  

Operation Sock Drawer has begun!

April 25, 2015

SFS2015A ~ March/April

Wow, hello Internet.  It appears that I've been more delinquent than normal and have skipped away from the blog for not my usual one month, but for two of them.  Honestly, I don't know where the time goes.
We're reporting for April with Stitch From Stash, but I'll update quickly with my two months:
Month: March
Spent: $0
Earned: $0
Month: April
Spent: $0
Earned: $0
Easy reporting - as all I have been doing this month has been working, there hasn't been any stitching or any shopping for stitching.  There also hasn't been any crocheting or knitting and I'm itching to get through these next 5 days until our tax filing deadline so my life can resume as normal.  Thankfully  I've got a yarn date booked with a girlfriend for next Friday.  I think it may have to involve a patio.
But no blog post is complete without pictures, so here are some pics of a duct tape bag my girl and I made for her niece for Easter.  We saw this pretty peacock print and both of us squealed.  Literally.  It's just so pretty! 

So, like I said, only 5 more days until my normal life resumes.  Back to family life, cooking & chauferring, daylight, 8 hour work days and just in time for the baseball field.  I cannot wait :)

February 24, 2015

SFS2015A ~ February

Boy, oh boy, these Stitch from Stash updates have been easy peasy for me, and there's good news and bad news because of that...

Month: February
Spent: $0 ~ the good news!
Earned: $0 ~ the bad news :(

Again this month, I haven't stitched at all... not one little x.  I've been looking at it, and thinking about it a lot.  Especially since I was gifted some amazing stitching stash from an aging friend of the family who can no longer do the craft she loves.  I will have to do a post to share exactly how amazing this gift was.  And how she made me cry when she gave it all to me.

But this month has been busy in so many other ways... and besides spending so many of my waking hours at work since tax season and filing deadlines are approaching, there's been some fun stuff around here too.

In the past month we've...

Celebrated my baby's 12th Birthday ::

Was surprised at the office with a treat ::

Knitted up some Valentine's for my little people ::
 Participated in Ethan's 4th Hair Massacure with a month of pink hair and a head shave (fundraising over $1,100!) ::

Visited too many hockey arenas to count ::

Hopefully the next month will be filled with so much more of the same. Oh, and maybe a little stitching too ;o)

February 8, 2015

An Overdue Birthday Exchange Post

Last year I joined in Cath's Birthday Threads Exchange.  My birthday fell at the end of the year, and here's a roundup of the cards and threads I received.

From Mary Jane (no blog), some lovely greens & purples and some of the now famous Peoria Purple WDW floss she sent out for each birthday!

From Lonneke, these gorgeous metallic and variegated purples and blues:

From Valerie, these bright and cheerful flosses:

From Donna, some fun variegated colors (and a beautiful handmade card too!):

And lastly, from Cath, these lovely colors that are looking to be put to use in an Easter piece I think:

All lovely threads for sure, I love, love, love them!  And I don't have a large selection of variegated flosses in my stash, so these are all a treat indeed.

I should have had this post up a month ago, but I was hoping that the rest were going to make their way here shortly and got hung up in the Christmas mail.  But maybe I'll receive a treat on a gloomy day when it's needed most :)

Thank you Cath for organizing this exchange, I had a lot of fun with it throughout the year!

January 28, 2015

SFS2015A ~ January

And here we are at the end of January already, and down to the wire to submit my Stitch from Stash update!

Spent: $0
Finishes: none $0 credit

January hasn't been a stitchy month for me... I'm taking the next level of knitting classes, so all of my "me time" had been occupied with working on all of the new things I've learned to I can retain them!  I just finished my homework for this week and now need to get myself off to the land of slumber, morning just comes too quickly!

Good night friends, hopefully I'll have a more exciting report next month!

January 14, 2015

Knitting ~ The Next Step

I am so in love with learning this new craft!  Last week I started the next phase of my knitting ventures, Knitting 201 at my LYS.  Double Pointed Needles!
I worked on my homework assignment from our last class, documenting my progress in pictures of course.

We are doing three projects in this month long class, and after finishing the first one I promptly casted on for the second and finished my homework, the ribbing for a wristwarmer.  I am anxiously biding my time until tomorrow's class, where we will be learning CABLES!  I don't know if you can tell exactly how excited I am?
Aside from feeling all thumbs, I am truly enjoying it so much. The possibilities now are endless... hats! socks! mittens!  We will defeat winter now, we will be so warm!
Have you started any new crafty ventures lately? 

January 7, 2015

The Holiday Handmades :: For Him

EDIT::  Lisa, in response to your question (you are a no-reply blogger)...  my girlfriend ordered them through a local sports store.  They are a hollow plastic shell of a puck.  Hope this helps!

* * * * *

One day in October I got a message from one of my hockey mom friends, sending me a picture of a wreath she saw somewhere on the net saying "we could totally make these!".   These weren't just any ordinary Christmas wreaths you see, but something that was totally up our hockey-loving alley.

And so, 5 of us hockey moms got together one night, armed with glue guns, drinks and snacks, and had a blast. 

The end result - a Christmas gift for the hubby.


I'm hoping that my most adored hockey fan will enjoy this for many years yet to come.  I know I will, it's my favorite finish of 2014!  Well, maybe it's tied with the turtle :)

January 5, 2015

The Holiday Handmades :: Sent Far Away

This year, for the very first time, I felt I was ahead of the holiday crafting madness...  and I was so less stressed and disappointed with myself, it felt good!  Only one project remains to be finished (still!) but I hope to rectify that this week.
My sister lives in Indiana and I'm lucky if we see each other every couple of years.  We don't usually exchange anything, but after she commented on a Facebook post of something I had made, this year I decided that she needed a little handmade love sent her way.
She had told me that she loves the slouchy hats and her colors and we settled on the Shanti Hat by Robyn Devine.  I decided that a matching set would be fun for her and also made a pair of wristers.
I neglected to take some pictures before sending off the package and so Alli sent me some when she received her package.

Shanti Hat (Ravelry link)
Tween Style Wristers (Red Heart Pattern)
Crocheted with Red Heart Soft yarn

And a pic of my beautiful sister wearing them too.  She assures me that her car was in park ;)

I also included a handknit dishcloth in the package, you know... just cause.
There are a couple more things to show you still from the holidays, hopefully will be sharing them here soon.  As seems to be my habit lately, I don't have pictures and need to wrangle up my girls - and try doing that when there's still sunlight in January!