February 8, 2015

An Overdue Birthday Exchange Post

Last year I joined in Cath's Birthday Threads Exchange.  My birthday fell at the end of the year, and here's a roundup of the cards and threads I received.

From Mary Jane (no blog), some lovely greens & purples and some of the now famous Peoria Purple WDW floss she sent out for each birthday!

From Lonneke, these gorgeous metallic and variegated purples and blues:

From Valerie, these bright and cheerful flosses:

From Donna, some fun variegated colors (and a beautiful handmade card too!):

And lastly, from Cath, these lovely colors that are looking to be put to use in an Easter piece I think:

All lovely threads for sure, I love, love, love them!  And I don't have a large selection of variegated flosses in my stash, so these are all a treat indeed.

I should have had this post up a month ago, but I was hoping that the rest were going to make their way here shortly and got hung up in the Christmas mail.  But maybe I'll receive a treat on a gloomy day when it's needed most :)

Thank you Cath for organizing this exchange, I had a lot of fun with it throughout the year!


Brigitte said...

Such a nice haul of birthday cards and threads. I also love to receive and to buy threads, no matter what kind.

Melanie said...

What a neat idea! I love it.