March 2, 2016

socks for my boy

After learning to knit with double pointed needles last year, and taking classes to knit socks (which were with worsted weight and larger needles), I upped my game and ventured into the world of sock yarn and itty bitty needles.

I learnt that a) sock yarn and little needles require a lot more time and a lot more stitches and b) I still love making socks, regardless if I'm using fingering weight or worsted!  I'm thinking that hand knit socks are totally where it's at. 

And so, I made it my goal that before the year was out, each member of my family should have a pair of mama-made socks.

First up, socks for the boy.

These were started last summer, sometime in July I think.  In October, we ventured out of town for the weekend for a hockey tournament for the girls, but left my boy with friends so he wouldn't miss his hockey. (Our hockey family is our greatest gift, I don't know how we'd make it through the season without them!)

I decided, that since my boy didn't get to go on this road trip, it was only fitting that those socks became the knitting mission of the weekend.  Seemed only fair that he should have his mama-made socks when his mama came back from a weekend away.

On the way there::

And on the way home ::

Phase Two of Operation Sock Drawer complete!


Carol said...

Great job on your boy's socks, Nicole--I love the colors, too :)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great job and beautiful colors--warm and colorful

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